PURAX Underarm Pads

Secure and discrete protection with PURAX Underarm Pads - experience a new Kind of new freedom.

PURAX Underarm Pads were specially developed to quickly absorb and lock in sweat. When worn directly on the skin, sweat will be safely enclosed, even when pressure is applied to the pad, sweat no longer escapes. This prevents odors and stains in clothing. PURAX Underarm Pads are breathable, very soft and comfortable to wear. Due to the special shape, PURAX Underarm Pads cannot slip. The absorber of the pad consists a highly absorbent soft fleece that quickly transfers sweat inside the pad.

Comfortable to wear

The specially patented shape of PURAX Underarm Pads adapts perfectly to the underarm area to absorb sweat, prevent odor and create a pleasant dry feeling. Wear PURAX Underarm Pads at work, during sports and in your spare time to feel clean and well-groomed.
The quality of the adhesive strip ensure a reliable hold on the skin. The skin-friendly adhesive edge of PURAX Underarm Pads offers excellent wearing comfort even with sensitive skin.

PURAX Underarm Pads are comfortable to wear. The special shape guarantees full freedom of movement.


  • Self-adhesive pads applied to the underarm
  • Directly applied onto skin
  • Absorbs sweat and odor
  • Feel dry, safe and well-groomed
  • Protection against embarrassing sweat spots
  • All-natural absorbent, no ingredients

You may obtain this product from your pharmacy with the following number:

PURAX Underarm Pads white, 30 pcs. Austria: PZN 3136361 Germany: PZN 0051227
PURAX Underarm Pads brown, 30 pcs. Austria: PZN 4856732 Germany: PZN 14243350
PURAX Underarm Pads white, sensitive - 30 pcs. Austria: PZN 5436506 Germany: PZN 17264737

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