PURAX Deodorant Shower Gel

PURAX Deodorant Shower Gel Body & Hair - A strong combination of five deodorant ingredients

PURAX Shower Gel is more than just a regular shower gel. It helps effectively neutralize sweat with active deodorizing ingredients. PURAX Shower Gel leaves you feeling fresh and confident, ready to tackle whatever everyday life has in store. PURAX Shower Gel unleashes its effect especially on those parts of the body where bacteria tend to break down sweat and cause unpleasant odors. PURAX Shower Gel has an antimicrobial, anti-bacterial effect while nourishing the skin.

5–IN–1 COMPLEX Deodorant

PURAX Shower Gel is effective against sweat and odor, with a deodorizing, astringent, antimicrobial, and anti-bacterial effect while conditioning your skin. Can be used onboth your body and hair. PURAX Shower Gel is very well suited for cases of light and moderate sweat and can be used for body and hair.


Use PURAX Shower Gel as needed. Just put some gel on your hands, quickly massage it into your skin, then rinse off in the shower. PURAX Shower Gel can also be used to wash your hair; no further care products are necessary.


  • Strong 5-IN-1 deodorant formula
  • Freshness and confidence for the whole day
  • Help against sweat and odors
  • Nourishes the skin with an antimicrobial and germ-inhibiting effect
  • For body and hair
  • No further care products necessary
  • Subtle, fresh fragrance suitable for men and women alike
  • 300 ml of PURAX Shower Gel is enough for about 1 month
PURAX Deodorant Shower Gel 300ml Austria: PZN 5436481 Germany: PZN 17264714

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