PURAX Deodorant Roll On

PURAX Deodorant Roll On - Well-balanced formula with several deodorant ingredients.

PURAX Deodorant Roll On is based on an innovative, perfectly matched combination of deodorant and astringent agents which specifically neutralize the odors associated with sweat and odor-causing bacteria and also inhibit perspiration. Other ingredients provide intensive care for the underarm skin stressed during shaving or epilation and can relieve existing skin irritations. PURAX Deodorant Roll On effectively protects against the odor and wetness associated with sweating without using aluminium salts or PEG-containing emulsifiers.
PURAX Deodorant Roll On is ideal for people who experience light to moderate sweat.

PURAX Deodorant Roll On is based on a combination of three deodorant ingredients

  • A natural deodorant based on enzymes (saccharomyces ferment) to neutralizes odors associated with sweat. Enzymes are natural catalysts that accelerate the chemical reaction that converts the components of sweat into their neutral salt form.
  • The citric acid ester triethyl citrate specifically inhibits the enzymes that decompose the sweat and thus cause the odor.
  • Ethyl hexyl glycerine also reliably inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria


Use PURAX Deodorant Roll On as needed. It can be used both at bedtime, in the morning, or during the day. Ideally, PURAX Deodorant Roll On should be applied to clean, dry skin and allowed to penetrate into the skin before finishing getting dressed. The sage extract contained in PURAX Deodorant Roll On has an astringent effect that closes pores and naturally supplements the effects of zinc salt.
As a rule, PURAX Deodorant Roll On remains effective for up to 24 hours, although it can last for up to 48 hours for certain skin types.    


  • Well-balanced formula with several deodorant ingredients
  • Neutralizes perspiration and inhibits perspiration
  • Cares for irritated armpit skin
  • Subtle, fresh fragrance suitable for men and women alike

You may obtain this product from your pharmacy with the following number:

PURAX Deodorant Roll On 50ml Austria: PZN 4856703 Germany: PZN 14243321

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