PURAX Deodorant Cream

PURAX Deodorant Cream - neutralizes sweat and prevents odor. Aluminum free formula.

Well balanced formula

PURAX Deodorant Cream protects against unpleasant odors all day long and can reduce or even eliminate perspiration. This deodorant formula has been tested for its strong deodorizing, astringent, and skin-nurturing effects. For freshness and confidence, all day long. The balanced formula of deodorizing, astringent, and skin-nurturing ingredients is quickly absorbed by the skin after application to deliver fast, optimal protection against perspiration.

PURAX Deodorant Cream is ideal for people who experience light to moderate levels of perspiration. The bacteria that cause BO are specifically neutralized. Other ingredients provide intensive care for shaving or epilation stress and can relieve existing skin irritations.

Strong deodorant

PURAX Deodorant Cream is based on a combination of deodorizing and astringent ingredients:

  • Natural deodorant ingredients neutralize body odor, while aloe vera and other ingredients nourish the skin.
  • Sweat reduction is achieved by the use of zinc salt. The zinc salt can reduce the activity of the sweat glands and thus inhibit perspiration.


PURAX Deodorant Cream is commonly used as needed. It can be used both at bedtime, in the morning, or during the day. Apply PURAX Deodorant Cream to clean, dry skin and let the skin absorb it before getting dressed. As a rule, PURAX Deodorant Cream remains effective for up to 24 hours, although it can last for up to 48 hours for certain skin types.


  • Well-balanced formula with several deodorant ingredients
  • Neutralizes perspiration and inhibits perspiration
  • Cares for irritated armpit skin
  • Paraben free, without ethyl alcohol
  • Without aluminum salts or PEG-containing emulsifiers
  • Subtle, fresh fragrance suitable for men and women alike

You may obtain this product from your pharmacy with the following number:

PURAX Deodorant Cream 80g Austria: PZN 5071565 Germany: PZN 15401791

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