PURAX Antitranspirant Body Wipes

The effective prevention against heavy sweating.

PURAX Antiperspirant Body Wipes can be used for underarms, hands, chest, back, feet, forehead and other body parts. The antiperspirant effect prevents against perspiration, the surface of the skin is sealed.

Full body protection

Due to their excellent applicability, PURAX Antiperspirant Wipes can also be used on parts of the body where the desired effect is more difficult to achieve with spray, cream or roll-on. The effect of the PURAX Antiperspirant Body Wipes lasts, depending on the body part, for up to 7 days with one application.
In addition, the wipes packaged in individual sachets can be easily taken with you in everyday life and when traveling - thanks to their handy format.


Open and unfold the sachet and gently rub the desired part of the body with it. Apply to clean, dry skin once or twice a week before going to bed and let it absorb well. One cloth is enough for one application.


  • Maximum strength antiperspirant to treat excessive sweating
  • Simply use just once or twice a week before retiring to bed
  • Once applied, lasts up to 7 days in the affected area
  • Not affected by normal washing

You may obtain this product from your pharmacy with the following number:

PURAX Antitranspirant Body Wipes 10 Sachets Austria: PZN 5436498 Germany: PZN 17264720

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