PURAX Body Spray

PURAX Body Spray
PURAX Body Spray

Why let excessive sweating and its associated consequences-body odor, rashes, blistering, chaffing, and "Athlete's Foot"-steer your life? Simply use PURAX Body Spray, and take back control of your life.

Give PURAX Body Spray a try, and Experience a New Kind of Freedom.

PURAX Body Spray is a safe and effective treatment proven to provide full protection from excessive sweating, and all of its associated complications. Simply spray the troublesome area-whether it's your underarms, your hands, your feet, etc. and experience up to 5 days of relief from sweat and bad odor. After correct application, normal washing will not reduce the effectiveness of PURAX Body Spray. Just apply PURAX Body Spray once or twice a week, and you will have complete protection against excessive underarm sweating and bad odor for up to 5 days.

All day protection against odours, perspiration and sweat spots

Once applied, lasts up to 5 days in the affected area

Effective and skin soothening formula

Maximum strenght antiperspirant to treat excessive sweating

Up to 6 month regular use

Not affected by normal washing

One or two appplications per week sufficient

The Allrounder

PURAX Body Spray is the ideal solution for perspiration of the chest, underarms, buttocks, hands, feet, and more. The powerful liquid formula will keep you sweat free for up to 5 days. Excessive sweating, when left untreated, can result in body odor, rashes, blistering, chaffing, and "Athlete's Foot" as well as many other consequences. These sorts of injuries and conditions can, however, be avoided with the use of the unisex PURAX Body Spray.

How to use PURAX Body Spray

Use just once or twice a week and you have full protection against problem sweating and bad odor. Maximum strength antiperspirant to treat Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating. PURAX Antiperspirant Body Spray definitely blocks sweat and as result there are no more sweat and bad odor. Not affected by normal washing. One treatment lasts up to 5 days, the 50ml bottle up to 6 month.

Advantages of the PURAX Body Spray

  • Maximum strenght antiperspirant to treat excessive sweating
  • Simply use just once or twice a week before retiring to bed
  • Once applied, lasts up to 5 days in the affected area
  • Not affected by normal washing
  • Up to 6 month regular use
Customer Reviews

This a great product, which has really worked for me. I have tried a lot of body sprays - medicated and otherwise, none have provided ANY relief before. This is the first product that has helped me, I don't have to wear black all the time, now!

von Matt

It worked for me. Use it before bedtime and dry next day. Wear everything you like. I will buy it again.

von Lasma

The first time I used it, it itched however the next day no sweat at all :-) Sounds like a lot of money but it works and it lasts. Definitely recommend it.

von Claney

Ok, so you get to work and already you have sweat patches...you are on a night out and you have to wear black...your dry cleaning bills for your suits are expensive, well having had hyperdrosis for a number of years and trying every antiperspirant, every Dr's prescribed ones like Driclore, I've even had 100 painful injections of Botox and still no results; I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL I discovered PURAX and i never looked back. Like other products you spray on at night and shower in the morning (this is because you're cooler when asleep and will absorb better), but unlike other brands this doesn't sting or burn, it also doesn't smell strong. I found after using a few times I could lift my arms up completely confident there was no sweat patch. It generally lasts 1 week before having to re-apply. the bottle lasts about 6 months. I've already recommended this to friends and family and I've just ordered my 2nd bottle.

von AJ Rowe

I read all the reviews on purax,but really didn't believe it.i work in catering having to wear maroon blouse,and as you can imagine it's not a nice sight to see sweat patches on underarm of a blouse,I sprayed it at night before I went to bed,and was amazed the next day at work I was completely dry,didn't have to use it again for 6 days.brilliant anti-persperant !!!

von mrs hm bielby


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