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PURAX Pure Pads protect against embarrassing sweat spots and reduce perspiration.

PURAX Antiperspirant Roll On
PURAX Antiperspirant Roll On is very strong and helps sufferers to treat excessive sweating. It is suitable for use by male and female users. PURAX Antiperspirant Roll On definitely blocks sweat and as result there are no more sweat stains and bad odor!
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  • All day protection against perspiration and odours
  • Only one or two applications per week
  • Extra effective and caring formula lasts up to 12 months

PURAX Body Spray
PURAX Antiperspirant Body-Spray is specially designed for larger body areas to provide effective protection from sweat, odor and stains in cloth.
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  • All day protection against odours, perspiration and sweat spots
  • Once applied, lasts up to 5 days in the affected area
  • Effective and skin soothening formula

PURAX Hand Antiperspirant
PURAX Hand Antiperspirant - effective in prevention of excessive perspiration. PURAX Hand Antiperspirant contains antiperspirant, disinfecting and care substances. The sweat production of the hands is reduced to a natural level.
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  • Stops hand perspiration and gives a safe feeling in everyday life
  • Easy application by a hand foam
  • Sufficient for up to 200 applications

PURAX Deodorant Roll On
PURAX Deodorant Roll On effectively protects against the odor and wetness associated with sweating without using aluminum salts or PEG-containing emulsifiers. PURAX Roll-On Deodorant is ideal for people who experience light to moderate sweat.
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  • Well-balanced formula with several deodorant ingredients
  • Neutralizes perspiration and inhibits perspiration
  • Paraben free, without ethyl alcohol

PURAX Deodorant Cream
PURAX Deodorant Cream protects against unpleasant odors all day long and can reduce or even eliminate perspiration. PURAX Deodorant Cream is ideal for people who experience light to moderate levels of perspiration.
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  • Well-balanced formula with a combination of deodorants and astringents
  • Neutralizes perspiration and inhibits perspiration
  • Lasts up to 48 hours

PURAX Shower Gel
PURAX Shower Gel is effective against sweat and odor, with a deodorizing, astringent, antimicrobial, and anti-bacterial effect while conditioning your skin. Can be used on both your body and hair.
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  • Strong 5-IN-1 deodorant formula
  • Antimicrobial and germ-inhibiting effect
  • Help against sweat and odors

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